Work/Study Program

At Island Yoga Coronado, we want EVERYONE to be able to enjoy the Amazing Benefits of Yoga, Pilates and Our Wonderful Studio! To help with that, we have created a Work/Study Program; it keeps our studio sparkling clean and supports your continued practice.

How It Works

•  Students work three, one hour, cleaning shifts per week. We have a thorough cleaning checklist and we will walk you through the process.

•  We ask that you commit to a regular schedule. Our studio manager and you will determine times that work for you and for the studio.

•  In exchange for your help around the studio, we are thrilled to give to you a free, Unlimited Membership to Island Yoga Coronado. You can take any of the classes and practice as often as you would like.

•  If you are ready to JOIN the Island Yoga Work/Study Team, contact Paolo at to request an application and discover more about our work/study program.