NEW STUDENTS – It All Starts With Your Intro Two Weeks

Two Weeks of Unlimited Classes for $49!

Available only to local (SD County) students who are new to the studio (within the last year)

Anyone can do Hot Yoga, Hot Pilates and Yin Yoga — any age, size, shape, or background! The teacher will guide you through the class, and you can bet you won’t be the only new student in the room. Just remember: Don’t compare yourself to anyone else in the room. As long as you try the postures the correct way, you get 100% of the benefits. Many people find that our classes are an excellent complement to other fitness activities and sports that they enjoy; keeping them flexible, focused, core-strong and injury-free so that they can play, run, row and cycle much gusto! New, local students get two weeks of unlimited yoga for only $49!

What to expect

Hot Yoga is practiced in a room heated to 100-105 degrees Fahrenheit and 40% humidity and Hot Plates is practiced in a room heated to approximately 95 degrees Fahrenheit and 40% humidity. This warms up the body and assists with circulation, promoting detoxification and providing optimum conditions to improve the functions of the body’s internal systems. The heat provides a challenging environment which increases your strength, concentration, endurance, flexibility and stamina. It also allows you to work safely and deeply into the postures, giving faster results.

The Benefits

With regular practice you will enjoy numerous benefits including:

  • Improved strength, flexibility and balance
  • More toned muscles and an increase in bone density
  • Better functioning of the digestive, circulatory, immune and lymphatic systems
  • A reduction in the feelings of stress and an increase in relaxation
  • A sense of well being and ease of sleeping


What time should I arrive at the studio?

The studio opens 30 minutes before each class. First time students should arrive at least 15 minutes in advance. This gives us time for registration and orientation. Please be on time; arriving early ensures a stress free and relaxed beginning to your life long practice.

I’ve never done yoga before, can I come to any class?

Yes! All of our classes are perfect for beginers yet challenging enough for even the most advanced practitioner. Anybody can do it. Come to class, and with the guidance of your teacher, simply approach every posture to the best of your ability and you will receive of the 100% benefits. Don’t think you have to get in shape before coming to class – that puts the cart before the horse! Come take your first class, and then take class as often as you possibly can and you will quickly calm your mind, lose weight, get in shape, and feel absolutely AMAZING.

Is there an age minimum or age limit?

There is no maximum age limit for attending class. For safety, we do have some rules around young people who want to practice with us: All students under the age of 18 years must have a parent/guardian co-sign their registration form before they are permitted to practice. Students under the age of 16 years must have an adult/parent on sight or practicing in the class with them. Students 14 years and under must gain permission from Stephanie via email prior to attending the studio If you have any questions, do not hesitate to call us! (619) 537-8814.

What should I wear?

You should wear comfortable workout clothing but remember, in the heated classes (not Yin Yoga), you will be sweating quite a bit. Women usually wear  exercise shorts, tank tops and sports bras. Men usually wear exercise shorts or swim trunks with an optional T-shirt. Avoid loose fitting clothing, baggy pants and socks.

What should I bring to class?

Bring a yoga mat, large towel for your mat, and water.  You may also want to bring a smaller towel for after class.

What if I have injuries or illnesses? What if I am pregnant?

Please inform the teacher if you have had surgery or have any conditions or illnesses. You will most likely be able to practice, but the teacher must be aware so that he or she can help you with specific postures. If you are pregnant, please call the studio and talk to Stephanie before coming to any of the heated classes.

What if I’m not flexible?

Perfect! This is the PERFECT place for you! The most common misconception is, “I’m not flexible enough to do yoga or pilates”. Yoga and Pilates are not about how flexible you already are, it is about working and stretching your body and spine to develop and increase your flexibility and strength. You will feel challenged during class – everyone does! Always work to your edge but listen to your body and your inner wisdom. Never be afraid to sit down if you need to. It’s normal, especially when you first get started, to feel a little dizzy, nauseated or lightheaded. It’s temporary, and as your body acclimates and detoxes, these sensations will disappear. During class nobody will look at you or judge you. The teacher will guide you and instruct you, always with compassion and respect. There’s no need or reason to be self conscious. It’s also helpful to realize everyone’s focus is on themselves – they are working too hard to even notice you!

Should I eat before class?

It is recommended to practice Bikram Yoga on an empty stomach. As a general rule, refrain from eating 2 to 3 hours prior to a Bikram Yoga class. Also, be sure to hydrate well before coming to any of the classes. Drink plenty of water before your first class especially if you’re not in the habit of drinking water. Doctors estimate you need at least 2 liters per day for normal body maintenance; double that when you are exercising!.

How long is each class?

Our classes are 60 and 90 minutes long (depending on the class). Plan on staying in the room the entire time.

How often should I come?

Come as often as you can. To see maximum benefits, a regular practice of 3 to 4 times per week or at least 10 times a month is suggested. The more you practice, the quicker you will see the results!

Can I lose weight doing Bikram Yoga and Hot Pilates?

Weight normalization is one of many benefits of a regular Hot Practice. As a beginner, it takes about 3 classes for your body to understand the proper approach to the postures. During the next 10 classes, digestion and respiration, as well as endocrine, lymphatic and elimination systems will begin to work harmoniously. Your appetite will normalize and unhealthy cravings will diminish. All of these results will help to normalize your weight if you devote yourself to regular practice at least, but preferably more than, 3 times per week. Remember, everyone had their very first Hot Class, even the people in the front row who have been coming for years. They make it look easy because they persevered, and you can too.